Cloud blanket and Raschel blanket which is better

Which cloud blanket and raschel blanket is better? I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with the cloud blanket and the
Raschel blanket. So which is better for the cloud blanket and the Raschel blanket? First, let's get to know the characteristics of
 the Raschel blanket. Raschel blankets can be used as a blanket and warm in winter. The warmth effect is excellent, which has
a certain effect on the improvement of sleep quality. The raschel blanket can be used as a thin quilt in spring and autumn, with
softness, warmth, closeness, breathability, etc. Features. The Raschel blanket is an ideal summer material in the summer, and the
surface feels a plush feel, but the breathability and comfort are excellent, which is very suitable for bare sleep. Raschel blankets
are soft, delicate, and environmentally friendly.

With the improvement of people's aesthetic consciousness and craftsmanship, the design of blankets is novel and fashionable, the
patterns are colorful, and the choice of materials is more extensive. Cloud blankets and Raschel blankets are used more and more in
daily life. Breaking the concept of traditional blankets with wool as a blanket, on the basis of retaining the comfortable effect of

wool, the new technology is processed to form the “cloud” touch, and the advantages of bamboo fiber and tencel are introduced
 to make the functional fabric and cloud fabric organically combined. . The cloud blanket is suitable for use by people of different
ages, and has the advantages of washing, machine washing without deformation, and not affecting the matte effect. The front
 of the cloud carpet is made of polyester microfiber. After special treatment, it has the advantages of smooth hand feeling, fluffy
carpet surface, no stimulation, no allergies and so on.

Advances in process technology have led to a wide variety of cloud blanket styles. The more common cloud blankets on the market
 include: composite short-staple embroidered standard cloud blankets, composite water-corrugated standard cloud blankets, and
composite printed cloud blankets. The plain color short-wool series of cloud blankets adopt advanced production technology to ensure
 that the suede surface is neatly attached with elasticity, full-feeling, soft and yet crisp, and people's aesthetic awareness is enhanced,
which makes more fashion concepts into the cloud blanket production. The smooth and smooth surface effect, elegant and generous
color matching are deeply loved and sought after by consumers. The water ripple series cloud talks on the use of polyester microfiber
as raw material, weaving the high and low shaving surface style with special technology, and matching the super soft offset composite

fabric with different styles, giving a noble and elegant, fashionable and novel artistic atmosphere. The printing series cloud blanket
combines the essence of traditional blanket production technology with the modern home textile concept. It adopts modern warp
knitting technology to ensure that the suede surface is stable and stable without lint, and with simple and elegant fashion patterns,
 it also shows product taste.

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