Raschel blankets What are the characteristics of Raschel fabrics?

Raschel is a kind of acrylic fabric, often used to make blankets, raschel blankets? The first thing to do is to understand the
characteristics of the raschel fabric, and how the finished blanket differs from other felts. Want to know the Raschel blanket?
Let us first learn about the characteristics of Raschel fabrics!

Unlike other acrylic fabrics, Raschel uses the Raschel warp knitting technique, and Raschel is named after it. This kind of weaving
technology is different from the common weft knitting technology. Its characteristics are: the dimensional stability of the finished
product is good, the density of the pile is uniform, the elasticity is good and the hair is not falling.

After getting a glimpse of the advantages of Raschel fabrics, let us know more about the Raschel blankets made of Raschel
fabrics. The Raschel blanket is woven by Raschel warp knitting machine. The finished suede has a very fluffy suede, strong 
vertical hair feel, uniform suede density, no falling hair, washing resistance and no deformation. The entire production process 
of Raschel blankets includes velvet, printing, finishing, sewing, edging, etc. The raschel blankets made by special techniques
have a better feel and better warmth than other blankets. Breathability.

From fabric to production, and finally use the situation to understand the Raschel blankets? Raschel blankets are suitable for
 all seasons. When used in winter, they have good warmth. Thick and soft fabrics bring spring-like warmth. When used in
spring and autumn, not only gentle but also warm, furry suede cover Very comfortable on the body; it can be used as an

ideal cold quilt in summer, with good breathability.

Through the above introduction, we know the characteristics and production process of Raschel fabric. Is the Raschel blanket
 good? From the special process, it is known that the Raschel felt has better softness and better comfort than other felts.
The advantages of choosing the Raschel blanket are the best choice.

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